Cards using the Black Butterfly image

How Heavy your Heart

Perhaps there has been more sorrow than joy of late?
Card unlocked with: Rêveur Rank 2, 1 x Moment of Melancholy, 2 x Sweet Sorrow

Reflect upon what saddens you

Do the melancholy moments you've experienced point to a deeper malaise?
Unlocked with: 6 x Moment of Melancholy, 6 x Sweet Sorrow

Sadness? Not at all!

You may have experienced some moments of sadness, but your heart cannot help but lift nonetheless. Remember the things that lighten it and banish the sorrows.
Unlocked with: 2 x Moment of Melancholy, 2 x Sweet Sorrow, 1 x Piece of Dresden Lace - Ticket to the Second Performance.