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The Oracle

They say that the Oracle's tent, introduced in New Orleans, remains popular enough to stay part of the circus. The sign at the entrance is cryptic; it simply says that 'The Queen is at Home.'

Ask the Oracle a question

Has anything been on your mind recently? You will need to leave a small gift with the Oracle, mind.
Unlocked with: 1 x Antique Glass Beads - Ticket to the Third Performance, 1 x Peppermint Sugar Mouse

Ask the Oracle a favour

The price is higher, alas.
Unlocked with: 1 x Chased Silver Oil Lamp - Ticket to the Fourth Performance, Rêveur Rank 3, 1 x Silver Daisy

Leave the Oracle an offering

If it is good enough, perhaps the Oracle will show you how to lift the sadness that lies upon you. She traditionally takes pound cake, but if all you have is gingerbread, that will do.
Unlocked with: 1 x Stone Bottle of Qimiz - Ticket to the Final Performance, Rêveur Rank 4, 1 x Chunk of Iced Gingerbread, 1 x Profound Sorrow