Cards using the Book image

Read the Notebook more closely

A lady in a scarlet scarf gave you her notebook. Letters, postcards, articles cut from newspapers. They chart the circus appearing everywhere from Prague to Lima, from Damascus to Kyoto, from Stockholm to Buenos Aires. What will you read first? (This will choose a storyline for you! But you'll be able to change your mind later if you like.)

A private letter

The handwriting is strong and austere. Letters score the paper like daggers. The words 'magic' and 'illusion' seem to leap off the page.

A newspaper article

'These intricate machines appear to bring dreams literally to life. It seems there is no limit to the possibilities, save imagination itself.'

A pressed rose

A crimson flower, tucked behind a sepia photograph of a child and a cat. Desiccated, delicate, only slightly faded. Even some scent remains, like an old lady's perfume.