Cards using the Cameo 3 image

The Stagehand

The Cirque des Rêves has wonders without number, but almost all the staff one sees are performers. This heavyset gentleman looks like a stagehand. He is dressed in a simple white shirt, with black trousers, waistcoat and bowler hat.

Bid the fellow a good evening

One should not interfere with the smooth running of such a place.

Try to get him talking about the circus

Perhaps you might learn something interesting for Mr. Wise.
To unlock, you need 1 x An Interest in Magic, 3 x Scrap of Black Rope.

He Could Be No More Alone

A burly young man stands apart from the bright circus bustle, unenchanted. His gaze sweeps across the chattering crowd. He is frowning a little.

Make your green handkerchief visible

Lock gazes and wait for him to stride over to you.