Cards using the Cogs image

A Ride on the Carousel

You find yourself riding a nine-tailed fox of black-lacquered wood. Beside you a gentleman in a red scarf bestrides a pale-feathered gryphon. As you emerge from the last clockwork tunnel, he asks you which beast you would like to ride next time.

The serpent!

The polished silver scales. The darting forked tongue. The slow rhythmic dance of its movement.

The gryphon!

The fierce beak. The detail on the feathers! And how was it made to appear to breathe?

The white lion!

Its mane like a double handful of moonlit cloud! Its quartzy eyes, so fierce, so bright! True, it is not the most elegant creature, but certainly the grandest!

The phoenix-of-clouds!

The story of this one is written in one sentence, around and above and beneath and between its wings and limbs.
Unlocked with: A Cloud Story 1

The rabbit!

All these great beasts are very fine. But look at the rabbit's little nose!

Carousels are for children

These mechanisms are all very well to entertain the simple-minded, but those past the age of majority should seek more sophisticated entertainment.

Actually, you are interested in the mechanics

Ask the gentleman which beast would help you learn the most about the clockwork.
Unlocked with: 1 x An Interest in Clockwork

Sweet Mechanics

The popcorn vendors and spun-sugar sellers of the circus rely on visible machinery to create their wares. Do such mechanical matters interest you?

Too industrial

No. You would rather buy something beautifully packaged and quite clearly hand-made.

Inspect the sugar-spinner

A tiny pinch of sugar, transformed into an airy, cotton cloud. How do they do it?
Unlocked with: 1 x An Interest in Clockwork