Cards using the Cup image

A cup of Louisiana coffee?

The coffee sellers of the circus began selling this to see rêveurs through the hot, humid nights, but the beignets proved popular enough to keep.

Invite a friend to take coffee with you

Ask a friend who hasn't visited the circus to join you. If they accept your invitation, your own standing amongst the rêveurs will improve. And as your Rêveur Rank rises, new opportunities will unlock for you at the circus.

Take a cup

Folk in New Orleans always swear the coffee there is more refreshing the hotter it is brewed.
Unlocked with: 1 x Antique Glass Beads - Ticket to the Third Performance

A cup of Russian coffee?

Something rich and strong, to keep the chill from your bones. The coffee sellers discovered it in St Petersburg, where ladies in silver fur hats take delicate sips from small, black-and-white enamelled cups.

Order a cup

Join the crowd around the samovar.

Invite a friend to take coffee with you