Cards using the Reveur image

Ask the lady in the scarlet scarf a question

She disappeared after giving you the notebook. But when the circus gates open at dusk, you spot her again. She's standing with a small group of people, slightly apart from the crowd, watching the bonfire.

Join the group

They are all dressed in black and white. This must be a group of rêveurs, the ones that follow the circus. Perhaps they will share more of their knowledge with you?
[This option will offer you the opportunity to invite a friend to join you in the circus.]

Take her to one side to speak to her

'What am I doing here? It's like a dream. It can be hard to know what to do first.'

Ask her for directions

'I seem to have walked the same paths a dozen times…'

Ordinary rêveurs

The lady in the red scarf passed her knowledge of the Circus on to you, but she's still a rêveur. And there she is at the coffee stall, with her little group of friends. They smile when they see you.
Unlocked with: 1 x Notebook of Circus Clippings

Talk to the lady

It is always good to catch up with old friends.

Talk to one of the other rêveurs

The middle-aged gentleman with the red tie-pin seems particularly friendly.