Cards using the Water image

The Cave of Voices

Wait - you stepped into a tent! But here is vast dark space before and above and around you, chilly as a cavern. A distant glimmer of lights above, not quite like stars. A black lake lapping at your feet, stirred by the breeze from outside.

Turn back

The air is sluggish and cold. The edge of the lake is lost in the darkness, but you have a sense of impossible distance. Something is wrong here.

Walk a little way along the shore

How far does this place go? (A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

Fling a Quartz Sliver into the lake

Will it rise and fly, or sink without trace?
Unlocked with: 1 x Sliver of Quartz, 1 x Piece of Dresden Lace - Ticket to the Second Performance

Toss a pebble from the shore out into the dark water

Just to hear the splash.
Unlocked with: 1 x Antique Glass Beads - Ticket to the Third Performance

Toss a Memory Pebble into the lake

Let it sink and be forgotten. This choice is locked for now.
Unlocked with: 1 x Memory Pebble, 1 x Chased Silver Oil Lamp - Ticket to the Fourth Performance


Hunting in fire

Here's the pool of moonlight-coloured flame behind the Maze of Clouds. Another rêveur beside you whispers to something in her hand: it rises into the air on glimmering wings to dart away across the pool.
Unlocked with: 1 x Sliver of Quartz

Set your quartz-sliver a-hunting

Whisper to it: 'Bring me back a prize.'

A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Let your quartz sliver fly where it might

Whisper to it: 'Go free.'

A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.